I´m Jiri "Frisbald" Kaspar, BA(Hons) 

I´m a freelancer with two big hobbies - betting and sports statistics.

In my blog, I´m writing about my experiences from my journey through the betting world and using statistics as a weapon to keep myself alive.


Latest blog posts

Reviews of betting services

BettingGods Tipsters 1st half of January 2018

After the full review of Pro Footy Tips, there are some numbers from tested Betting Gods services…

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Money management

Basic rule of money management in sports betting Money management rules (and their following, of course) are a…

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Pro Footy Review

Pro Footy Tips Review

Pro Footy Tips Review My subscription to Pro Footy tip is running 2 months (8th November -…

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My work with football statistics

xGoals Model Introduction

Introduction I´m talking a lot about xGoals. If you don´t know anything about this statistic, there is…

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Who I´m? 

Born and raised in small-town Policka, Czech Republic. Poker pro, bettor, fan of statistics and online marketing freelancer.