Hello, my name is Jiri "Frisbald" Kaspar.
I´m a seasoned pro in the gambling industry.
I´ve crushed online poker MTT´s for seven years.
Now I´m freelancing and I ´m focused on sports analytics and sports betting. 

I can help you in a various way:



Make you a better poker player

Write content related to sports and gambling

Teach you how to make your own betting models, find value bets

Are you interested? Great! Send me a word by email on frisbald@gmail.com or on social networks.

My poker career is some numbers:

My poker profits
SnGs and MTTs played
Years of playing poker for living.
MTT´s won

Do you wonder what I mean by "crushing" MTT´s?


I made over 120K dollars, my biggest victory was SCOOP on Pokerstars.fr and I won a lot of small tournaments. My results looks like this:

Frisbald Sharkscope

These days, I´m working on my project called "BetAnimals" (you can find more info about it on my blog) and also freelancing.

What do I mean by freelancing? I´m writing about sports betting for my Upwork clients and providing tips for "Bitcoin Bettors" from time to time.

I´m also writing articles about Daily Fantasy Sports for www.fantasyman.cz, and created English content for betcommando.com.